“Mental Power”

Friday – “Mental Power”


The Sun aligns with mental Mercury in Leo this week….this has been a strong aspect for me personally, and I’ve seen how many of you aren’t getting enough sleep, and experiencing some major insomnia in this energy!

Mercury has our minds moving fast and our thinking is super strong. We’re into what’s logical as we analyze everything! Our communication skills are equally just as strong, so basically we want to talk and express ourselves…this can be very therapeutic energy, as discussing our problems is in turn helping us solve them. Unfortunately we aren’t so good at listening or taking in information.

It might prove difficult to stop thinking and not talk impulsively or out of turn. Make sure and pay attention to what you’re saying or even writing, because your words hold serious energy and power under this influence. 
It might help to think about what you’re saying before you have that important 
conversation, then you can allow the other person to at least speak! 

Our opinions are also very strong, we’re proud of our thoughts and ideas, we want to think up our own ideas and if we don’t feel heard we can allow our “Egos” to get the best of us and feel ignored, criticized or brushed off. Don’t take things so personally, it’s LEO season astrologically, so that’s all to easy to do! Be ok with the fact that others may not have the same opinion as you do…and don’t allow your pride to cut them off! This aspect started building energy up on Thursday and runs through Sunday!

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