August 4th – “Daydreams”


Mercury the messenger and dreamy Neptune come together in a somewhat challenging aspect this week. This aspect can have us feeling foggy, spacey and confused. Our imaginations are strong, and we feel like being creative, but have no clue how… so just go with it! If you’re feeling uncertain or indecisive, don’t worry this will pass soon.

Ahh but our daydreams are strong in this energy… visualization is one of the strongest gifts we have!! So instead of dealing with reality and just feeling more confused, try sitting with your daydreams, and feeling them, and visualizing what you truly deeply desire. Close your eyes and see yourself doing the things you want, and feel what that would be like! Daydreaming, and visualization techniques can become amazing powerful tools in your everyday life and this is wonderful energy to start practicing!

Be careful not to logic out things in this energy, a lot of what we believe and see is just an illusion. Perception is everything! The best way to know what the reality of a situation is… is to be “Honest” with yourself! You know the truth deep down, don’t hurt yourself by being false!

This transit can nag you and make you feel like something is really wrong or that something doesn’t add up right, but really it’s all good…try not to allow this energy to confuse you. Wait to make any big decisions after this energy leaves, which will be Tuesday.

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