“It’s a beautiful day”


“It’s a beautiful day”
Venus/Neptune Trine
From Last Tuesday thru this Friday

This is a beautiful aspect that opens up our imagination and sparks our creativity! Lovely Venus and dreamy Neptune come together in a blessed union really. We are naturally drawn to whatever is creative such as Music, Art, Entertainment, Movies and Theater!

Anything spiritual is especially good in this energy! Open up with others about your beliefs and have some interesting conversation. Exercise, practice Yoga, Meditate, or Journal, just get spiritual. This is a great time to make being spiritual a permanent part of your daily routine.

The boundaries we usually have in place, sort of dissolve in this aspect, especially when it comes to our relationships, or when we’re spending money and around the way we socialize! We can definitely find ways to enjoy ourselves.

This energy is ethereal feeling … full of compassion, love, and sweetness. We can feel whimsical and romantic! We’re especially intuitive and our gut instincts are stronger than usual. It’s a great week to have a Reading, ha!

We find it easier to trust others and open up about how we’re feeling.
We support each other emotionally, and can give and receive in supportive ways. Allow this dreamy energy to just be, let it take you where it needs to. ~Ruby

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