Sun aligns with Jupiter in Leo
Monday thru Sunday

The Sun is already in Leo, and has met up with lucky Jupiter also in Leo this week. With all this amazing energy going on, it’s a good time to work on any projects that are for the long-term. Anything to do with Leo like energy is favored, such as entertainment, creative endeavors, sports, games and financial investments. This energy gives us the boost of confidence we’ve been needing, it helps us have hope and restores our optimism!

This is a good time to work on resolving any issues with friends, co-workers, and loved ones. Forgiveness is in the air! We feel confident and alive in this energy, it makes us feel vibrant and happier!

Leo energy is demanding, regal, loyal and can certainly boosts ones ego. So it’s a good time to take risks, as long as there within reason! Make sure to put yourself out there, show the world who you and what your made of… advertise your skills! Making long-term commitments can be very successful, we’ve finally got the right energy to move forward in, and if you can start a new project today, it can help!

If you’re ready for new adventures, this transit can assist in your own personal transformation, one that births a whole new you! Break free from your old, worn-out self and redesign who you are … to fit these new exciting times. Because we are so optimistic we can attract amazing positive energy! Remember what you think, say, and do creates your life. Get into “Visualizing” what you’d like next!  ~Ruby

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