“Will your luck change?”

“Will your luck change?”
July 23rd thru 27th Astro.


The Astrology this year has been needless to say complicated and harsh for so many. Tuesday was a major turning point in the Cosmos, as this week’s energies started out on a much more positive note.

The Sun and optimistic Jupiter both moved into the sign of Leo! Leo is the sign of pleasure and love, it’s a very flirtatious energy. Leo is the actor or actress of the Zodiac. For all us zodiac signs this energy will provide some opportunities to have fun, take trips, see amazing performances, and work on new creative projects.

July 24th, Thursday … Jupiter and the Sun meet in the same degree in the sign of Leo. This is considered by many Astrologers to be an amazing day! But Wednesday you can still take advantage of the great energy going on, perhaps initiate something you need extra luck with! The stars are on your side. If you pursue a dream or goal when Jupiter is meeting up in Leo, it can come true! Both Jupiter and Leo love risk-taking. So if you dare to jump, you can be rewarded. Apply for that job you’ve been wanting, look at that home you’d like to buy, test drive that car you love. Tell the people you care for just how you feel, because Leo is represented by the “Heart”, and if you can afford it, go buy some lottery tickets. Because in this Leo energy, Leo loves to play to win, and this affects all of us!

The Sun and Jupiter’s meeting on July 24th is quite impressive looking! Many Astrologers are considering this time to be the best days of the year! This energy is strong and can be amazing … The stars influence our lives, it’s up to us to take advantage of it!

Venus and Neptune meet up on July 24th indicating great opportunities in loving relationships. While Mercury and Saturn also want to get a piece of the action. We want to communicate our “Big plans” for our future. It’s a good time to share your ideas and do some brainstorming about your plans. Make some stuff happen! No matter where you are, take advantage of this energy and use it to “Ask” for what you want!!

On Friday – July, 25th, Mars the action planet shifts from Libra into Scorpio, which makes it feel more efficient.
While Mars was in Libra (since December of 2013,) the emphasis was on relationships with others. But Mars in Scorpio will be much more intense, especially when it comes to our sexual relationships, our desires, … if anyone has a secret love affair going on, it can get quite steamy! Mars is in Scorpio until September 13th! This should be a sizzling ending to our summer.

The week ends with a New Moon in Leo on July 26th. This is a good time for second chances. Focus on creativity, fertility, and children, all are Leo qualities. Create ways to get out and have fun, go with what’s pleasurable.

In conjunction with the New Moon we have yet another chance to start something new, and see results within 6 months by early February 2015. Neptune, Venus, and Saturn are involved and this energy is fantastic, it creates opportunities to build something strong, that’s kept well into the future. This week couldn’t end any better. ~Ruby

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