Tuesday – “Possibilities”
Mercury/Pluto Opposition


Early today Mercury the messenger and transformational Pluto come together. This transit is part of the T-square between Mercury, Uranus, and Pluto.This aspect started on Sunday and runs through Wednesday night.

This Mercury/Pluto opposition can bring up some pretty serious issues that need to be dealt with. We can become obsessive in our thinking, we might try to persuade others to think as we do … because we want the truth to come out and lies to be exposed. The possibilities are opening up!

Hard work becomes very important, we make an extra effort to pursue our goals with a lot of intensity. This can be an excellent time to do in-depth research or studying. Our thoughts can run dark and intense, we may have a hard time articulating these thoughts, but that’s probably a good thing.
There’s a strong need to debate and even argue, be careful not to take over conversations with your strong opinions, while trying to make others agree with your side or perspective. What normally seems as a small debate, can turn into a major battle! This is a good time to learn how to take the strong mental energy out there and use it to be productive, and remember as always, harm none!

We’re looking for what’s authentic and real in our conversations and interactions, superficial convos won’t do. We need to dig out our feelings and get to the truth! It’s a challenge to not obsess over what others have said, or perhaps what you hear, these words are just messages from a higher source, to help empower us, so don’t take them personally. Get connected to your deeper personal power!

The best way to use this energy is to take your time and be in the present moment. Work on any issues you have by cooperating with others. Be objective and when you notice that your feeling sensitive or like your taking something personally, or if you getting defensive … take deep breaths and ask yourself, is this even really about me? Think about how what’s being said is bothering you, because it’s about past issues of yours or the person speaking. I will have more as we get through the week on the T-square energy! ~Ruby

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