Venus in Cancer


Venus in Cancer

Venus the planet that influences our Love life and Money is changing signs today. It’s been in Gemini, and that energy has caused all of us to be more scattered, talkative and curious in these areas of our life. Now, lovely Venus has entered into protective Cancer until August 12th. This will change the way we do our relationships, we tend to be more cautious, nurturing, and family oriented. Our attention turns towards our loved-ones, our home and family.

While Venus is in Cancer we can experience some moodiness in our emotional relationships, because we might feel extra sensitive.
In relationships we’re quite attached, romantic and tender. We’re extremely devoted and dedicated in love. We show how much we care through our warmth, devotion, and concern for our partners and loved ones.

We’d rather stay home then socialize, and if we do get out, will tend to stick with those we already know. We prefer the safety of friends and family, and just being in places we’re familiar with. In loving relationships remember to be kind with each other, and communicate about how you’re feeling.

Our finances are best kept safe and secure during this time, stick to what you know. Residential real estate can become very important during this cycle, as is anything connected to our homes. It’s a good time to work on projects on your home and with your family.  ~Ruby

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