Change of Luck

July 16th, “Change of Luck”
Jupiter in Leo


Early this morning Jupiter shifts from protective, sensitive, family oriented Cancer and into fun-loving, creative, dramatic Leo where it stays for a full year, until August 2015!

Jupiter hasn’t been in Leo since August 2002 thru Aug. 2003, which is 12 years ago! If your curious about how this transit will affect you, think back to that time and what you experienced. What did you realize, or learn back then? How did your life go?

Anyone with their Sun in Leo could have an especially lucky year, also if you know you’re own astrology chart and you’re a Leo Rising or have Venus in Leo, this can be an especially good year, while Jupiter protects these people.

This can be an excellent time to take that dream vacation you’ve always wanted. The relationships you have with your children can be very fulfilling during this time. If you’re a creative person this is good energy to work on your craft, you may even discover you’ve got some hidden talent. Artists may have a nice, successful year. It’s believed Jupiter moving into Leo will spark the entertainment industry, through Movies, TV and the Music, so look for some good stuff to come out. Athletes might notice more opportunity coming their way these next twelve months.

Leo and Jupiter both are all about having fun! So seek playful activities that bring fun, excitement and especially pleasure! Life may seem more animated during this time, as everyone’s feeling a little more creative and open to expressing themselves. Pride and confidence are in the air, just keep that Leo energy down from a Roar to a Purr and you’ll be fine.

Jupiter is known as the “Luck Planet” and if you’re looking to attract some good fortune during this cycle, you must be grateful, giving, and inspiring! Showing compassion and kindness will carry a very long way because Leo us ruled by the Heart, therefore we must be sincere in our actions and dealings with others. The prosperity we’re seeking is now going to be found around creative endeavors, entertainment, children, and anything recreational.

Being overconfident can be a problem, our ego can get inflated in this larger than life energy… but if you take moderate risks it can pay off quite nicely.  ~Ruby

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