“Ready to face Reality”


“Ready to face Reality”
Saturn slows down it’s Retrograde phase

Saturn the teacher, authority and who governs time … starts to slow down today after it’s 4 and half month-long retrograde phase. Saturn is in Scorpio and will begin to move forward again Sunday, July 20th. Like any planet coming out of Retrograde, it takes a few weeks to get back to normal, and so all things Saturnian are going to come up at one point for many of us. This Saturn energy will be swirling around us pretty strongly until July 26th.

Saturn is about facing our fears and dealing with reality, it’s about doing what has to be done and understanding how life works right here on this planet in the physical world. It’s about dealing with the consequences of our past actions.
Saturn also governs our responsibilities, structures and commitments. Saturn is about doing life the way we should and doing it our own way.

It’s important to understand the laws of the physical world, even though we are spirit first … we come here to this planet to manifest. If you learn how to play by Saturn’s rules, it is believed that Saturn will reward you. Saturn is also all about time, so how we age, mature and grow up. Saturn is all about understanding how to set up healthy boundaries with others, our integrity, and building foundations that are strong enough to last for years to come.

Saturn is the teacher of the Zodiac, depending on where Saturn is at in your own personal Natal Chart, (which I do provide as part of my services) this will show you what lessons it has for you. Each one of us have a different subject we’re learning from Saturn. So if you’d like to know what your lessons are, think about what fears you’re being faced with now? What is happening in your life that needs your attention? Where do need to take responsibility? What should you be committing to now?

As Saturn starts to go back to normal these questions will come up more in our everyday lives …. so remember if you feel frustrated at all, be open-minded to allow the good stuff to show up and try to stay level-headed.

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