Feel those Words

Mercury in Cancer
“Feel those words”


Mercury is the planet of communication, and expression, and it is what governs the lower mind, it now has shifted back into protective, nurturing Cancer where it will stay until July 31st.

How will it effect you?
With Mercury in Cancer our thoughts and words are felt on a much deeper level, when we take in information it also runs more emotional … our instincts are strong. We’re looking for what’s genuine and authentic, as what’s personal and close to home becomes very important. Our thoughts are ran by how we’re feeling, and logic only gets in the way. So it can be a challenge to see all sides to any given situation. We also tend to take what others say much more personal.

Born with Mercury in Cancer:
I was born with my Mercury in Cancer, and what rings most true for me is how we tend to be able to pick up on subtle emotional details in someone’s voice, and off of their words, we can feel what the other person is saying. Mercury in Cancer natives have a excellent memory as well, especially if it’s attached to an emotional bond. If emotionally upset, having this placement can make it difficult when making important decisions.


Thanks for this. So timely. I have borrowed a part of this, with credit given, on a post of my own. Sort of a starter spark. http://www.dragonflygypsy.wordpress.com


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