July’s Full Moon

Saturday –  Full Moon in Capricorn

The Moons energy has been building up and came together early Saturday morning to shift into a Full Moon that’s in Capricorn. The Full Moon energies have already been strong for the last few days, and will remain that was for a few more. This has been a great time to set some intentions or practice something ritualistic

The Moon is in practical, accomplished Capricorn opposes the Sun in protective, emotional Cancer. Which means we need to strike a balance between these two different energies and look at what they represent.

Full Moons always bring a lesson of balance, so we look to this opposition to understand. With the Sun in Cancer we need to go within and understand what we’re feeling emotionally. With the Moon in Capricorn we should pay attention to what our responsibilities and goals are, while focusing on some long-term goals that need our attention, this will bring peace of mind and help keep our emotions stabilized.

Cancer and Capricorn, (Sun and Moon) are both good at bringing in what they need, and will fight to keep out what they don’t. Both are good at closing themselves off from the outside world, to concentrate on long-term goals. Their patient and can create emotional and material resources that provide much security.

Cancer energy is about finding inner stability, by taking care of ourselves. If we don’t choose to do so, we can end up giving away our personal power and sacrifice ourselves for our families and jobs. Don’t become a victim!

Capricorn energy is about developing a sense of responsibility, which gives us a sense of purpose in life. Capricorn is known as the old soul of the zodiac, that’s wise beyond its years, with ancient information. With the Full Moon in this wiser old sign, we can go deep into our souls, as we have a different kind of sight. We can feel a sense of just knowing certain things, and with Capricorn energy, we can call on the souls of our elders. Draw in the power from where you’ve already been and what you’ve experienced.
To work with the energy of the Capricorn Full Moon, we must look deeper into the balance between taking care of ourselves and taking care of others, while learning how to put up healthy boundaries, and knowing when to stop others from crossing them. What are your priorities? What are you allowing others to do to you? What boundaries have you put into place and enforcing?

Happy Full Moon ~Ruby

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