Uranus Slow Down

The planet Uranus, yes has a very funny name, but this planet is no joke! Just ask those who have had major surprises this last year, both good and bad! This planet is nicknamed the “Great Awakener” and has both positive and negative information to share with us.

Uranus is in fiery Aries and starts to slow down today… as it prepares for its Retrograde cycle (yes just like Mercury did, as all planets do) to begin July 30th, so anything that is related to the energy that Uranus brings will start to be affected now. So the question is … what is this planet trying to tell you or what information is it trying to give you?

The planet Uranus is all about breaking down the structures that are already in place but aren’t working anymore. This helps us to move forward and let go of any traditions that are worn out or outdated. So we can build new structures, such as in our Government, Healthcare, Medical facilities, and Education just to name a few.

Uranus is all about having FREEDOM, so we might have some serious AH-HA moments when it’s energy is strong …we can have amazing flashes of insight, as bright new ideas about how to change our lives come in…this energy is all about expecting nothing but the unexpected!

Uranus also governs electronics and technology, like the Internet. So don’t be surprised if you have some interruptions during this time, but usually it’s just quick fixes or annoying… unlike when Mercury crashes things down during its retrograde phase. Activities in Groups seem to be ruled by Uranus as well, so you might be drawn to joining a new cause or group of some sort that has like-minded people involved. Make sure and go with this energy, try not to fight it and pay attention as “The Great Awakener” tries to relay messages from the Universe to you!

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