‘You Can Heal Yourself’


Tuesday – ‘You can heal yourself”
Venus/Chiron aspect

Once again lovely Venus is involved in an aspect (and has she been a busy lady), this time with the ‘Wounded Healer’ Chiron. This aspect can sort of have a numbing effect and turn our intimate feelings off.

This energy is about moving past the emotional old wounds and injuries we’ve had in relationships, and with our finances. Have you worked on your relationship with money? I think it’s a very interesting place to explore, and this aspect gives us a chance to do so.

It’s important to be kind to yourself and others, we’re all feeling a little wounded now. Make sure and listen to your partners or friends point of view about your relationships … it might just change your perspective. This is a good time to learn from one another, because our insecurities are bigger then usual, especially with Chiron involved. There is always healing work to do with Chiron, and it’s a good time to learn about what really bothers us emotionally. Remember, we all have flaws, and that perfection is just an illusion.

If you’re feeling badly, make sure and pay attention to where those feelings are coming from. Allow those emotional wounds to be researched, our feelings are just energy that’s been experienced!

If we resist the process of healing, our emotional pain will stay and can then manifest physical illness. Allow yourself to heal by working through it, and have faith in your healing. ~Ruby

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