Mercury Retrograde Over


July 1st – Mercury Retrograde Over
“Moving forward, almost? “

Early this morning the planet Mercury, which is still in Gemini, finally starts moving forward again, after it’s 3 week-long Retrograde phase. It’s certainly been a very powerful Retrograde, but I feel that’s because it spent some of its time in its home sign of Gemini, which was just an over abundance of scattered energy. Many have expressed to me their frustrations, as they’ve suffered all the common annoyances and glitches that come with a Mercury in Retrograde phase.

I noticed clients had a lot of issues with Water and flooding this time (even me personally,) which is often a side effect of a “Mercury in Retrograde” phase.

Mercury is the planet that rules the way we think and express ourselves. When it’s going backwards or appears to be, and is in Retrograde, we tend to see things from our past and have lots of annoying glitches with electronics and travel. Misunderstandings have been plentiful these last 3 weeks.
But we now can get back on track again, just allow Mercury to get back to normal, as we’re now in what’s called the “shadow period,” this takes about two weeks! During this time the energy can still seem confusing… and annoying electronic glitches and miscommunication can still happen.

It’s best to stay open-minded, and pay attention to any situations or deep feelings, that are showing up in your life now. It might be time to deal with these issues again.

But we are now slowly going to shift our focus back towards the world around us, and we should be able to receive new information, and have new perspectives to share.

Did you learn anything meaningful in the past 3 weeks? Do you know what should be worked on in your life concerning your home, family, or with the way you communicate.

As Mercury slowly gets back to normal by July 9th, and leaves its “Shadow Phase” communications and travel should get back to normal again, slowly! ~Ruby

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