June’s New Moon in Cancer

Friday – New Moon in Cancer






The New Moon will come exact early Friday morning, and aligns with the Sun in Cancer, and this begins the New Moon Cycle. With the Moon and Sun both being in sensitive, private Cancer we’re looking for something that has meaning, while creating something that provides us emotional security and safety. We experience our world in a more deep, emotional way in this energy. This should be a pretty emotional New Moon.

Cancer is the first Water sign of the Zodiac. The water element represents our Emotions, and water has to move and flow or it backs up and can cause blocks. We must work on our emotional body, and let our feelings out in a healthy way. Allow your emotions to flow out of you. If we don’t allow our spiritual bodies to release these emotions, we can get stuck and even sick. Disease is always about emotions being stuck in the body, no matter how it manifests physically. Choosing not to do so can lower your vibrations, and then illness can set in. Research your emotions and work on what needs healing.

Water being the key element here, again represents our emotions. We know what our emotions are doing by how we “feel.” Many of us are learning still how to work with our own feelings, as it’s become more acceptable over the years. Our feelings tell us very important information. If you tap into them, you’ll know what you need. This can help keep you stay healthy, both emotionally and Spiritually.
The problem is when we don’t listen to our feelings, we end up relying on others to control how we live, and get distracted from our true Soul messages, this can cause us to get lost in unhealthy activities, like eating too much or drug and alcohol abuse.

This New Moon is happening during the very “last phase” of the “Grand Cross” energy between Mars in Libra, Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn and this time the Sun in Cancer. There will be a huge shift in mid-July, as this energy falls away. Pay attention to your feelings and open your spiritual heart to embrace this more than welcome new energy.

Finally, this New Moon is about being able to change and mature. Change is very scary for some, even if it’s familiar feeling. We’re letting go of our old beliefs that are keeping us held down from living our full potential. It’s important to nurture yourself, so that we can make changes over the next few weeks in a healthy way. It’s all about the sign of Cancer this go around, and that’s about self-care and nurturing oneself!

The New Moon is the best time to “Set Intentions” for each months Moon cycle. Intentions setting is best done tonight or Friday evening and never during a “Void” of course Moon. ~Ruby

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