Mars/Uranus Opposition

Wednesday – “Change Is Coming”
Mars/Uranus opposition




Mars the planet of War, and Uranus the planet of shocks and surprises… have been building up slowly in a tense meeting.  We’ve been feeling this since mid June, and it comes together or exact as it is called in Astrology, today… it will remain strong through next week however, until around July 3rd.
This aspect is part of the “Grand Cross” energy I’ve been discussing off an on since April. Being impulsive is natural in this energy, our urges are stronger than usual. Unexpected events and situations seem to happen with this transit. We can have powerful sudden flashes of insight that are strong, especially when there connected to others.
Stay grounded and don’t forget to breathe.
Our need to be independent is very strong, this can cut us off from our intuition, especially with Mercury the messenger in Retrograde (cuts off our connection to the divine messages we might be used to getting, and from our higher-self!) but if you choose to get silent and go within more often, you’ll notice there’s a different way to hear or listen to your messages now.
Therefore, this energy can have us going in a whole different direction then what we thought. It’s our strange unusual behavior that might throw others off. This can provoke others and cause emotional confrontations and conflicts!
Act courageous and balance yourself enough to still move forward. Success isn’t always based on what others think… no approval is needed!! Just remember you’re not alone on this planet for a reason, as we need each other to achieve goals and make changes. But co-dependent behavior isn’t going to help you.
This energy can be quite potent, so take advantage of it and be productive, work smarter not harder. Staying physically active can help you let off some steam and get rid of the tension that has been building all week. If you haven’t noticed the news this last few weeks the world has been quite violent, with bizarre twists and turns.
Mars aligned with Uranus back in March of 2013, do try to remember what you started around that time. Because now those wishes, or projects are manifesting and might have to be worked on. Ask yourself what situations have come up, ones that you were trying to finish or manifest.
Also just so ya know this “Grand Cross” energy is about to break apart in mid July,  and we should see things calm back down again, but there will be a huge shift! We’re of course all hoping this is for the better… but I’m just not to sure yet which way this will go.  Jupiter will also be moving into fun-loving, dramatic Leo, so hope will be restored, but just make sure to not overdo, anything.  Mercury in mid July will also finally come out of its Retrograde phase, which has been noticeably strong this go around for many. So hang in there and let’s create a more joyful, peaceful experience for all of us. ~Ruby

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