Let’s Dance with Jupiter


Jupiter in Leo

Jupiter is the planet of luck, gain and expansion. When this planet transits though your personal natal chart (the Astrological Chart at the time of your birth,) you will generally see that particular area of your life expand or increase. Jupiter seems to protect you in certain ways at the very least.

Jupiter changes signs once a year and retrograde about four months out of the year, and during that time it’s effects aren’t as powerful. So it takes Jupiter 12 yrs to transit through the Zodiac in its entirety. It than returns to its place of origin in your chart, this is called a “Jupiter Return”. Usually some pretty significant events occur during this cycle.

When there’s a positive Jupiter transit influencing your chart, you can see “luck and success.” When Jupiter transits through our chart, the positive aspects often bring gain, opportunity, financial success, and even love. Along with opportunities we must act on to secure our success.

Since July 2013, Jupiter has been in sensitive, secure Cancer, and has been quite powerful. Cancer rules the fourth house of home and family. So this last year family has been very important.

The United States has a Cancer Sun at 13 degrees. This last year has had its fair share of ups and downs, but we have seen unemployment drop, and our economy improve. Also during the very tense “Grand Cross” in April, we avoided national disaster.

Jupiter while in Cancer has worked well especially for the water signs in the Zodiac, (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces)
So anytime Jupiter is in your Sun Sign, it’s generally a more positive time, unless some other tense transit takes over, and even then Jupiter will help matters.

Jupiter is now in transit though the final degree of Cancer, so if you have Cancer planets in your chart at 20-29 degrees this can be a great benefit.

July 16th, 2014 is when Jupiter shifts into Leo, early in the morning. This is going to change the energy in a big way.  Leo is represented by the 5th house, which is friends, children, love affairs, entertainment, and creativity.
All these things will come into strong focus during Jupiter’s time in Leo.

While Jupiter has been in Cancer this last year, we’ve seen those in relationships, perhaps work a little harder at staying together, even those that should have been long over.

But with Jupiter in Leo we may tend to roam and start Love affairs of all kinds instead. Jupiter’s energy makes us feel like everything is fun and amazing, Leo is all about the passion and having a good time. Together this can equal a Party!

So keep theses qualities alive in your intimate relationships. Get out together more, and have fun with your partner… get creative and make things happen together. If your relationship is good this won’t necessarily be a problem, but pay attention especially if it’s been rocky.

Jupiter in Leo will bring a more fun energy into our lives, as many of us will be more outgoing and social. Leo is ruled by the Sun, which is our core-self. If Jupiter is affecting your chart, it can prove to be favorable, but you can go over the top also.

Jupiter’s energy is usually positive. So during these Jupiter transits we can feel like the good times are never going to end, but this is not the truth. All transits good or bad only last for a certain amount of time.

Children will be very important during Jupiter’s transit in Leo. Couples and more woman in general will decide to have children during this time, and it’s expected to be a record time for births, especially during the 2015-16 time.

Jupiter is at home in a fellow fire sign like Leo, as it’s ruled by Sagittarius. Which makes it especially powerful. Leo encourages self-expression with the performing arts and it should be a good year for movies, TV, music, and any of the arts. Entertainment in general will become more important as we get more creative again.

Jupiter is the sign ruling royalty. Leo’s energy helps us connect with charming, flamboyant people. But our need for attention will be super strong!

If you were born with Jupiter in Leo you’re the type of person who likes to make a statement when you enter a room. Your born with charm, dynamic energy, and a huge life force, and you tend to like to dress up quite nicely. Guard against being needy to just draw attention to yourself and being the center of attention, although you’ll get plenty of it throughout your years.

Jupiter in Leo will help its fellow fire signs Sagittarius and Aries. Also the Air signs, Aquarius, Libra and Gemini… will feel this quite profoundly in certain areas of their lives.

This transit should greatly help those born under the sign of Leo. Especially, as Saturn the taskmaster has been squaring your Sun, Leo! Oh so many things I could say being a Leo Sun and  Rising myself, let’s just say this last year has not been fun!

If you have other strong Leo planets in your chart, this last year might have been really rough, with Saturn the authority all over ya. Our optimism can be restored with Jupiter in Leo, and we all can be happy about that. ~Ruby

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