“A Change in Perspective”

“A Change in Perspective”
Mercury Moves into Gemini


Mercury is the planet of communication, it influences how we express ourselves and rules our lower mind. It’s stirring things up once again, due to its retrograde phase and has now entered curious, fast talking, often scattered Gemini until July 13th.

For the next four weeks our way of thinking changes, along with our perspective. Mercury is the energy of communication and life’s going to speed up for most. Anything to do with our mental abilities is going to come front and center. We stay busy working on projects that require Mental stamina, such as talking, writing, and keeping up with latest news and information. This will be a time of learning and studying! Mental challenges, can be strong. We can be more curious and social, and very intellectually stimulated.

With Mercury being in Retrograde, we’re being invited to revisit our past and go over our past wounds, especially with Chiron the ‘wounded healer‘ also going Retrograde. So you may notice signs, messages, strange occurrences, visions, dreams, and just the energy of your past showing back up in one way or another. It’s happening so you can HEAL! Our past is showing up to deal with once more, so we can release the energy for good. If you choose to do so, your healing can be quite miraculous.

For the first few weeks of Mercury in Gemini we tend to explore out world more privately, with our intuition. It’s a good time to rethink, rewrite, reconnect, and communicate again, what needs to be said. This energy can keep us so busy that we get runned down, so pace yourself. Listen to your higher-self, and your inner voice. Make sure and take breaks and allow yourself to see the bigger picture from time to time.  ~Ruby

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