Full Moon on Friday the 13th


Full Moon in Sagittarius – Thursday/Friday Morning

“Balance your Heart and Mind”

The Moon turns full tonight/early Friday morning in fiery, adventurous Sagittarius. For the next two weeks we’re deeply searching for balance, so it’s the best time
to find ways to align your world. Full Moons are very emotional energy, were everything is just bigger, both good and bad. With the Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Sagittarius, this energy is about balancing our minds and our hearts…then you can find new possibilities!

Balance is this Full Moons keyword. Our minds are being influenced by the Sun in Gemini, and with the Moon in Sagittarius we search for the bigger truth… so use your lower mind to expand your awarness, and see what your new possibilities are.
It’s important to do something differently, so go on a different path, or try something unique and random. That’s how to find the answers and balance the energies.
Sagittarius is about  the adventure, and Gemini helps us to be social and learn from others. Balance!

For the next two weeks we’re really, deeply looking for balance. This is the best time to seek out ways to align your world. Balance is exactly what this Full Moon is all about; with our minds being influenced by the Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Sagittarius influencing us to search for a bigger truth. It’s important to get out and do things differently than what you’re used to. That’s the only way you’re going to find ways to balance the energies. More than likely you’re not going to find the answers in any familiar environments, which is so Sagittarius! But the Gemini Sun will help you to interact with others and be social, so you can learn and share knowledge, which is so Gemini! See how that works, lol.

Sagittarius’s influence teaches us to look at the big picture and helps us to have a larger perspective. It helps us to look beyond the details, or whatever we believe we already know. The Sagittarius Moon is about what we’ve learned along the way in our personal experiences and the wisdom we have gained. Gemini wants us to be connected to our more immediate environment and use our minds for sharing information, because we can process very quickly and learn fast!

Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, is currently in “Retrograde,” and in Cancer……and is also in trine with Neptune in Pisces. This helps us to pay attention to that little voice inside of us – and work on having better relationships with the Universe – because it’s all about learning how to hear our intuition with our minds. It’s time to pay attention to the balance between your heart and mind again!

Ask yourself, during this Full Moon, how to communicate. How is that inner voice working for you, is it in your favor or your worst critic? ~Ruby

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