Approaching Full Moon – “Angels Among Us”

Wednesday – ‘approaching Full Moon’
“Angels Among Us”

The Moon’s shift earlier today into fiery Sagittarius, is the beginning of the energy that builds into a ‘Full Moon’, late Thursday night/early Friday morning around Midnight. This also happens to be on a Friday the 13th! How fun is that?

I love it, only because I see the number 13 as very lucky. In Numerology (the study of the symbolism of numbers) the number 13 is broken down into 4, and fours are totally the Angelic Realm to me. That’s my total positive spin on the whole unlucky number 13 thing. That means that the Angels are with us on a 13th of any day, and yes even the ohh so dreaded Friday the 13th! If you’re feeling scared or fearful, and are just nervous about this Friday the 13th, why not try just visualizing the Angels surrounding you, protecting you and blessing you with what you truly desire. I will have much more later, about all this upcoming energy, posted right here on my blogs and over on my Facebook page. ~Ruby

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