Neptune Retrograde


Neptune Dreams

Monday – Neptune Retrograde
“Reality or the Dream”

The planet Neptune comes to a stop today, and does the backstroke in Pisces for the next 5 months. Neptune Retrograde through Nov.15th. Retrograde cycles cause us to look within ourselves, making this a very highly intuitive energy we’re going to be in.

Our connection to The Universe, Higher-Self, or Source energy can become very important, as we gain better clarity around our most important personal relationship. This is a great opportunity to dissolve any barriers between us and our Soul, so take notes, journal and pay attention, listen the messages your higher-self is trying to bring forth. Reality isn’t what matters when it comes to Neptune, it’s the illusion, or the dream that matters.

What part of your life is Neptune affecting? Has the dream we’ve so creatively made up, not working in reality? Do you need to take those rose-colored glasses off and see the reality of a situation? If a dream had become a harsh reality that isn’t working for you, then it’s time to change the dream. ~Ruby

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