“Mercury in Retrograde”

Saturday – “Mercury in Retrograde” 
“The Way We Were”


This cycle begins today! Do you know how it will affect you? How you can use this time to your advantage? Is there really anything positive that comes from this cycle? 

Today Mercury, the planet that rules over how we communicate, how we express ourselves, our thoughts, and our travels comes to a halt in nostalgic Cancer and begins its 3 1/2 week Retrograde phase, until July 1st! Mercury in Retro already tends to turn our minds back to the past. As human beings go, we tend to glorify the past anyway. Now that the messenger planet is going retrograde in the most nostalgic sign of the Zodiac- Cancer, you can find yourself totally obsessed with old memories and thinking about the way things were. Many will be re-visited by ghosts of the past, both romantic and otherwise.

You’ll notice a lot of Astrologers will say “Don’t do this!” or “Don’t do that!” during this cycle; but it’s important to remember not to stop your life during this time. It’s not the best idea to sign anything of commitment during a Mercury in Retro phase, but that doesn’t mean if you feel really good about it, you shouldn’t take a good opportunity either. Follow your intuition and check in often with your higher-self, and see what answers you get. 

Some of the side effects of Mercury in Retrograde are how anything to do with electronic communication can glitch out…such as computers, smartphones, or tablets. Keep them updated and protected, and keep them far away from water. I have seen many already experiencing major plumbing problems this time around. Also, Mercury seems to affect short travel, so keep your cars serviced, and if you have to use public transportation to travel in cars, buses, or planes, simply plan ahead and prepare just in case you have delays. Don’t get frustrated if this happens, it’s all about us unplugging. That’s actually the biggest Spiritual lesson of Mercury in Retro; which is to let go of our modern toys and get spiritual, and listen to our universal messages. 

Despite the glitches, annoyances, and breakdowns we may have to deal with, there is much more to this cycle. 
It gives us a chance to reflect on our past and search our own belief system. So, for the next three weeks, we get the opportunity to connect with our own feelings in a deep way, especially with Mercury in sensitive, emotional Cancer. 

Cancer is the sign of home and family, so our minds are going to be more focused on our nearest and dearest. Issues to do with our families, mothers, women, ancestry and our emotional wounds and needs are going to preoccupy us mentally during this time. Many of us will go back and visit old emotional wounds and dive into those deep waters. Even if you swore you wouldn’t ever re-visit some old situations or emotions again… and that you were long over it… you can feel very raw; as if those wounds just happened yesterday. But this gives us a chance to connect to others and ourselves on an emotional level. 

Allow yourself to cry, feel and process all your feelings without judgment and without giving in to that part of you that feels very lost in your deeper emotions or feeling like you’re just stuck in that old pain and hurt of the past! Pay attention to your feelings, especially the ones you feel in your gut, because Cancer rules the stomach! 

We can feel very sensitive and strongly tuned in to the feelings of our loved ones in this influence. It’s not a good idea to commit to new situations or any contracts now. Just trust that after you do, you’ll probably change your mind over and over again, so just sit back and plan and wait until mid-July if possible to make any major new life decisions or anything that’s considered long-term! ~Ruby

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