Venus/Neptune “Harmonious Energy”

Wednesday – Venus/Neptune 
Monday through Thursday

“Harmonious Energy”



This is a harmonious aspect that brings with it the energy of love and compassion, simply because we can feel each other and this aspects energies very strong. If we tap into the more positive side ourselves, we can bring kindness into our physical reality, our bodies, and the planet. Great energy for healing! Cooperation comes more naturally, so good day for meetings and negotiations.

Because we feel one another’s energy so strong, it’s recommended to be sensitive with others, or say nothing at all! Our imaginations are alive, it’s a good day to write. Romance is in the air also…take your lover out to dinner, just do something nice for the one you love, while we’re in this pleasant energy. This is the kind of aspect you have to take advantage of, it’s not going to just make all your dreams come true. Go out there and grab this energy and make something beautiful happen. ~Ruby

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