Sun Trine Mars “Renewed Vitality”


Friday – Sun and Mars Trine is Building
“Renewed Vitality”.

The Sun and Mars are slowly getting closer to meet up in harmonious aspect, but were talking about Mars here. Mars is the planet of war and aggression.. It’s doesn’t care about your feelings!

Even though Mars is still hungover from its recent departure from its Retrograde phase, it’s energy. still affects us.

Our ability to assert ourselves and pursue the fulfillment of our needs and desires is strengthened through the energy of the Sun trine aspect to Mars.

Momentum is slowly building and we are very strong in our convictions, so taking on leadership roles can come very naturally to those affected.

When you feel you need support, you can also reach out to others who will enjoy sharing the experience with you. Understanding that you are a strong person and allowing yourself to test your strength in pursuit of your aims brings renewed vitality into your life.

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