Mercury in Gemini


Mercury in Cancer then Gemini? – until June 17th

Mercury changes signs from protective, nurturing Cancer into more curious, quick-witted Gemini. But there’s going to be a different pattern this transit will follow, due to Mercury’s upcoming retrograde phase… it will journey into Cancer until June 17th and then moves back into Gemini until July 13th. It will then come out of retrograde and move forward out of Gemini and back into Cancer, that second time threw Cancer will last until July 31st. Woah right LOL!

So let’s put this into perspective, when Mercury shifts into Cancer we are looking for what’s more real and authentic, we take all the information we receive on a deeper level, everything that is thought or said..we go by instinct more. We are more interested in what affects us personally, but also were interested in our loved ones. Our thoughts will be analyzed by our emotions, so it’s going to be difficult to be objective. It’s a good time to figure out who you really are, and if your feelings and thoughts are really lining up with that vision. ~Ruby

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