New Moon in Gemini

Wednesday – New Moon in Gemini 


This afternoon the Moon aligns with the Sun in Gemini, and this will begin the New Moon cycle. This is perfect time to simply share what we have learned and how we feel with others. Gemini is about communication and information, so it just makes sense to share our knowledge with others, and it doesn’t hurt to score some good karma while doing so! 

Collect information in this energy, it’s going to get very busy. Look at how you have been conditioned by your childhood or by influential people in your life, and see what ways of thinking need to be let go of! It’s time to change your mind and think more about what it is you’d like to create in your life, then what you don’t have. Gemini energy is all about being in the flow of movement, and learning all you need to in order to move forward, through sharing and connecting with others. Think about what this New Moon can do for you, what’s your mind chatting about, just to you? Is it helping you evolve and mature or does it need to be changed, because you’re plagued with negative thoughts and the lack in your life?

Mercury is also in Gemini at the same time as the New Moon, so we’re getting messages that something needs to be done now, before we can move forward to the next zodiac sign or to the next level of learning… what energy are you allowing in your life?

Gemini’s spiritual message is about the development of our thoughts, the way we communicate, and how we perceive information. Mercury entered Gemini on May 7th, and this has some of us involved in a more long-term process, that’s focused on our thoughts and the changes we should be making. It takes practice to let go of old ways of thinking, but if you just focus on positive thoughts and good memories… the changes you make literally to the way your brain thinks and operates can be miraculous!

This can be sort of a last chance for many of us, to work on changing our way of thinking and what our minds see as important. Think about your thoughts and how you process them, and if you’re attached to what isn’t working for you! Then simply change your mind and keep reminding yourself
that has changed now, watch your world change… if you commit to the process. ~Ruby

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