Mercury in Retrograde – Starts the Station

Mercury in Retrograde - Starts the Station

Mercury in Retrograde ‘Shadow’ cycle begins today

Mercury is in Gemini and has entered its 2 week “shadow period” as its called, this is the time before the retrograde phase begins, which will be June 7th, it will shift into Cancer at that time.

The “shadow period” is when a planet is preparing to go Retrograde, so it’s slowing down.. this affects us strongly. As it starts to slow down and appears almost still or as its called stationed, it then appears to be moving backwards in the sky and this is the retrograde cycle.

There are two shadow periods for every Retrograde planet. The 1st being for two weeks prior to the actual Retrograde cycle and then for three weeks after the retrograde cycle ends.

This is NOT a good time to buy, sell or ship anything that has to do with short distance travel or transportation, or anything that relates to communication, or electronic devices (computers, tablets, smartphones, etc) So think about backing these up before a Mercury in Retrograde cycle or shadow period.

If your aware of the cycles of Mercury Retrograde, you can save yourself a lot of headaches by not messing with the above things. Back up computers and have cars serviced to help avoid any mishaps.

If you can get anything done before or after these phases you shouldn’t have as many problems. If something has to be done, don’t fear Mercury in Retrograde, sometimes things are just meant to be and we must take care of business. Whatever you do, follow your intuition.

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