Mars Will Move you!

Starting May 19th – Mars Retrograde is Over

“Get moving”

Have you been feeling stuck, like there’s some invisible force field around you, holding you back or blocking you from any forward movement.

Mars the planet of physical action, aggression, strategy, passion, and war has been in Retrograde for 2 and half months now. But today it changes directions, and begins to start moving back to its normal placement.

This transit took us on a deep journey into our relationships! Wow, anyone else go on this ride? This also included the relationship we have with ourselves, nature, and the planet. This was at about the energy we draw to us! So think back to what you’ve been doing since the end of last December. What have you figured out about your relationships since March? And what still needs worked on, fixed, or left behind.

Luckily were now more then ready to move forward again, with anything that started between late December and late February, because now we will have plenty of energy, to get what we need to, done.


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