Happy Birthday Gemini

Happy Birthday Gemini – May 20th – June 21st 



The Sun changes signs from steady, down to earth Taurus into versatile, fast thinking Gemini. We feel like expressing ourselves in this energy, we’re more interested in collecting and sharing information. We’re also more flexible, because we have so many different things to be interested in. Change comes easier for us during this time, so adapting to new or different situations is also better, besides were to curious not to try to understand our messages or clues. All of this can make us extremely social.

Because our minds are so active, we enjoy anything that is mentally stimulating. Good intellectual conversation is very enjoyable. But if we choose to not use our minds, we can get bored quite easily. Some may seem not as reliable, because we’re always changing our minds We become observers, but also prefer to keep our conversations more light and airy!

Also the Gemini Sun creates a very nervous, scattered energy, as our minds are constantly seeking out a way to connect to something. With that being said, if you’re a sensitive person by nature or an empathy, might I suggest remembering to ground and shield daily…that is if you don’t already! We must acknowledge there’s a lot more nervous energy in the air, this can easily get us irritated. If your feeling everyone else’s tension, it can become very uncomfortable!

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