Venus/Pluto “Major Transformation”


Venus/Pluto Aspect
Monday though Friday
“Major Transformation ”

Venus represents love and money, Pluto is about transformation and ones personal power. This aspect connects the recently formed “Grand Cross” between Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto. The Universe is demanding we grow and evolve.

A “Grand Cross” creates tension and calls on us to change in big ways, especially when it’s in Cardinal Signs, (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) like the one we’ve been in. Keep your hearts and minds open, don’t be stubborn now, it’s time for change again! Act from your heart, don’t allow fear to run the show! Get creative when solving problems, move towards the energy of peace not war.

Venus is about our relationships and what we value, and many will see major upheaval and transformation in these areas during this cycle. With Pluto being involved, any kind of socializing can be way more intense! We’re in search of a higher meaning in our partnerships, we’re being asked by the Universe to go deep into our emotions in this energy.

Lots of changes in the air when it comes to our finances and relationships, (trust me I’m seeing it everywhere!) We’ve been slowly heating up below the surface for quite a while now, and if it hasn’t already exploded, it just might now, for some this might get downright disruptive! Make it a point to empower others rather than tear them down. We can be quite obsessive with the commitments we in, concerning both people and money.

Pluto is often felt through a partner or loved one, through manipulation or controlling behavior. Let go of your negative attachments to them, don’t resist change. The time is now to let go of any destructive connections you might be involved in. Focus on evolving within these relationships or forgiving them.

We can feel the need to be very physically connected to our partners, this aspect can be experienced through some sexual tension. We want to feel Love on a physical level. Stick to your guns about what you really want in a relationship, so you can find someone who fits all of who you are. Do not start a relationship with a stranger just because you’re afraid to be alone! Work on discovering a partner through trust, love, and intimacy, your worth it! Be true to yourself, and be worth the time it takes for a partner to discover who you are. While you’re waiting to meet the right person, keep focusing on the positive. ~Ruby

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