Full Moon in Scorpio


Full Moon in Scorpio

Later, Wednesday afternoon the Scorpio Moon turns into a very potent Full Moon. This energy will help you balance out whatever is unbalanced in your life, because it brings clarity!

The Sun is in Taurus and helps us to understand our physical connections, and what we’re attached to here on Earth. While the Moon is in Scorpio, this helps us to connect emotionally to others. We need to evaluate what we value the most under the Taurus Sun, ask yourself is it your possessions or relationships. This Scorpio Full Moon has us searching our Souls, and helps us to feel our deep connections with both ourselves and others.

The Full Moon energies are bringing up what isn’t secure in our life, at least not anymore. Full Moon’s can be highly emotional and this particular one is supercharged full of emotions, and because of the ongoing ‘Grand Cross’ energy affecting us, it’s just raw out there. It’s time to break free of your fears, and move forward!! Now the energy is perfect for letting go of what is no longer working for us, or is blocking us from our deepest desires, or the Universe might just do it for us.

The “Grand Cross” energy that’s already formed between Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto.. is still pulling and pushing things apart in our lives. Now we add lovely Venus to the “Grand Cross” mix… as it joins up with Uranus in Aries. This energy is about making connections from our hearts. Open your heart to the possibilities of Love and all it has to offer, love on all levels. Simply allow yourself to see who’s really running the show in your life. If you can see you’re the one who is creating your own misery or happiness, change will go much smoother!

Mars is the planet that rules Scorpio, and it’s in a stuck position, coming out of its retrograde phase, so we’re feeling it’s energy quite strong! It’s time to “MOVE FORWARD,” with all that you’ve learned since March, about anything that isn’t working in your life, or is blocking you from your goals. Remove the obstacles, let go of what doesn’t serve your best interests. Let your heart guide you in all that you do.

The Moon in Scorpio also connects to Saturn today, this bring us a “WAKE UP CALL.” Saturn’s message to us is to use the energies in a responsible way, and be mature about it…it’s time to” Grow Up!”

If you’re honest with yourself you can use this energy to manifest your dreams. Don’t allow your fears to get in the way! Focusing on what you don’t want can make you feel stuck, negative thinking will stop you in your tracks. Be realistic and focus on what you’d like to create in your life, but be realistic about it! Don’t manifest dreams that have already let you down repeatedly, or that have broken you. If you can stay in a positive place about what you desire, the sky’s the limit in this energy!

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