Mars Slows down to go Direct

Tuesday – Mars Slows down to go Direct 


“Save Your Energy”
Mars the planet that governs physical movement starts to slow down in Libra today, as it prepares to go direct again on May 19th after it’s 2.5 months cycle in retrograde. This is called the Station period, and lasts until May 24th.

Mars is all about our independence and is considered to be male energy! So Mars is what helps us initiate new paths, it’s our physical actions and is all about going after our goals.

During this time the energies are very strong, and we can have some issues or drama. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to do anything about it. Some of us might end up feeling very upset, angry or just mad!

Mars being in Libra means we won’t express ourselves in such a direct manner, unless provoked. We don’t want to lose others respect by acting out. Can you say passive-aggressive behavior! ~Ruby

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