Full Moon Guide

Full Moon Guide

The Full Moon is an opportunity to draw in positive results if you use the energy wisely. So it either can increase positive energy or it can be an emotional wrecking ball.

Remember that a Full Moon disperses a lot of energy and that energy pours into each and every one of us. So the key to achieving success from a Full Moon is to stay calm and receive its positive effects. So whatever is going on within your mind, body, or spirit will certainly be felt much stronger during a Full Moon. If you’re happy, angry or sad you’re going to feel happier, angrier or even more sad.

This energy is very powerful, it is very important to direct it with positive intentions. We’ve all heard of how the energy of a Full Moon seems to fill up emergency rooms, and scientists have proven the ocean literally swells, don’t think it’s not affecting you! Full Moon energy is both intense and loving. If you’re  aware of the energies,  you’ll have an opportunity every month for emotional and spiritual growth.

Here are some tips to follow during the Full Moon cycle, that will help you bring in the more of its positive energies… A Full Moons cycle is two days before and two days after it becomes exact.


1. Don’t allow arguing or get angry!

The Full Moon is a time to stay calm, breathe deeply and let things go. Try breathing through the moments that are difficult, and be forgiving. If you just can’t let something go and must express yourself, try waiting to share for at least two days after the Full Moon has come exact. Everything you feel is going to be more intense and multiplied. So just keep the energy flowing and moving in a happy, uplifting direction in all areas of your life.

2. Think positive thoughts.

During the Full Moon you have very powerful, strong energies working in your corner. So if you can balance your emotions and focus on positive thoughts, they’ll be energized and multiplied. Just spend even a short amount of time upon waking and before going to bed visualizing what you truly desire and what’s good or positive in your life… it’s like magic!

For example, write a gratitude list and thank you notes to the Universe, for all your blessings. Take walks and take in the beauty that is around you. Look in a mirror and say positive affirmations to yourself, (yes this really works.) Visualize positive thoughts and/or desires being sprinkled with Moon Dust and watch them grow like flowers in a garden.

3. Visualize your Dreams manifesting.

The Full Moon is the right time to do any manifesting work. So sharpen your techniques by using your imagination to set goals. Take the time to write what you want to manifest. Make a Vision Board, get pictures of your goals, be it the actual goal or the word and place them on a cork board, make a collage… and place it where you can see it everyday. This puts it in our constant awareness, to help the energies make it happen. When you spend time focusing on your dreams and goals, or “setting intentions” during the Full Moon it will give it the energy an extra boost it needs.

4. Practice Meditation alone or with others.

The Full Moon pours out so much energy, that meditating during it can create a calmness and stillness that is profoundly strong. Finding a sacred space to practice meditation can also help tremendously. There’s a lot of groups that meditate during a Full Moon, look for Spiritual groups, centers, or online groups that come together to meditate. It can be very powerful work.

5. Send others blessings, be of service, practice acts of kindness.

Having this powerful energy at your disposal is the opportune time to pay it forward. Send healing energy, forgiveness, white light, or however you see this kind of energy out. Out to everyone you can think of, include strangers as well. Send loving and kind energy to your friends and family. Then go a step deeper and send peaceful energy out to the world.  Think of the places in the world that are experiencing strife, hardships, poverty, or war. It can open doors for those who are in need, and provide you some positive karma in return. ~Ruby

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