Mercury in Gemini

Mercury in Gemini

Wednesday – Mercury in Gemini
“Talk, Talk, Talk”

Mercury the planet of communication, expression, speaking, writing and travel… is shifting out of slowed-down, steady Taurus and into active, curious, scattered Gemini for the next three weeks or until May 29th!

During the very intense, rental departed ‘Grand Cross’ energy, Mercury was in Taurus. This helped us maintain some mental stability, during a very stressful time. Our thoughts have shifted now and our minds are curious, our communications will get more active as we engage in understanding the process we have recently come through.

Communication is going to really pick up speed. Therefore, anything to do with our thinking process, or that is mental, so basically our minds, will be moving full steam ahead.

We’re interested in keeping up to date with all the latest information happening, and this being the information age…it’s going to be quite busy. Lots of talking and loads of gossip going on! In this Gemini energy we can also be over-talkative, and scattered, simply because our thoughts are in so many projects!

We can also go into retreat mode, as Gemini often does…. with long periods of silence. So make sure and find a balance between when you should talk and when you should be just thinking, planning, or organizing.

To take advantage of this energy make sure and study, learn, be social and curious. Do whatever challenges you mentally! Because later it will have meaning. #rubysreadings

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