Venus in Aries


Friday – Venus in Aries

Venus changes signs from creative, dreamy Pisces, to fast paced, active, and highly passionate Aries! Venus will stay in this fiery sign until May 28th.

During this time we will be much more driven about connecting to others. Aries energy is about initiating something new. Venus is the planet that rules love and money. If you’re currently single, this is a great opportunity to start something new.
For those that are already in a committed relationship, this is a good time to bring something exciting and new to the table, we can have fun, and excitement with our lovers. Passion will be in the air and on Fire with Venus in Aries, especially when it comes to Sex!

We can be spontaneous in our relationships, as our independence will be very important. We enjoy a challenge in this energy, so play hard to get, don’t make yourself so easily available in your intimate relationships. We may also have way more physical energy than usual, and can feel like being very active. It’s a good time to start a new exercise program! #rubysreadings

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