“Don’t be Cruel”

Mercury/Saturn Opposition

“Don’t be Cruel”



This aspect can cause misunderstandings and make us feel stuck or restricted in the way we express ourselves. Mercury is our minds, our thoughts, and the messages we receive on all levels. Saturn is rules, restriction, and authority! And their in a tense opposition! This can leave us feeling a little negative, especially in conversations with others. We can end up having conflicts, because our mouths are running and this can throw our energy off.

It feels like we’ve been left in the dust by those that normally would be lifting us up. Our opinion doesn’t seem to matter or at least that’s how it might feel.
So knowing this info, we should try to be mindful, about how we’re communicating with ourselves and others. Be mature about how you choose your words, if you upset someone… be the bigger person and apologize!

It’s very important that we take the time to check ourselves while this transit is happening. Ask yourself, how negative is my attitude most of the time, outside of this transit? We’re so deeply involved in transformation on the planet now, that we should be working on letting go of what isn’t working for us, what doesn’t serve us, and what blocks us. This transit can be a blessing in disguise, because it’s the kind of energy that can be examined. Observe your ideas and thoughts…instead of expressing them, that part can come later. We’re looking for the truth of the matter now, and self-doubt can set in.

This energy isn’t going to be constantly happening, but I did notice it hitting me pretty hard… it seemed to be strong on Thursday! But the fact remains were probably being harder on ourselves in this energy! Because we’re worried about what others think of us. We secretly want to be accepted and rewarded, but we seem to have a harder time taking compliments. Being objective is the best way to handle this energy. Get in your power, and recognize your talents and be proud of them. Remember to build others up, not tear them down.

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