New Moon/Solar Eclipse

April 29th – New Moon/Solar Eclipse


The New Moon in Taurus and the Solar Eclipse both begun early Tuesday morning. Eclipses happen every 6 months. This Solar Eclipse is an update to our awareness, its a shift in consciousness. Basically, it’s a huge Wake Up Call! The effects of this energy has just started and will be shown. to us over the next six months even more.

This Solar Eclipse ends one 19 yr long cycle and begins a new one, it’s energy and influence lights up new paths and possibilities for us to realize.
It’s lessons can be very beneficial!

The last Solar Eclipse in Taurus was April 29th, 1995. If you can go back to that time, try to remember if you had any big endings or new beginnings.
Even though it won’t be the same exact situation now, the energy can look or feel familiar in a different situation now, pay attention to the emotions around it.

A Solar Eclipse in Taurus is about how we relate to the physical world, there’s a major change in the air, and this can lead to a more balanced existence between us and the earth and it’s resources. We’re learning to let go of our strong attachments to things like our bodies, money and other resources. It’s really about how we respect these material possessions and how we take care of the ultimate manifestation, our planet!

There’s a major shift in our awareness occurring and a conscious change is developing. Listen to your intuition and your dreams. Meditate during this Eclipse. Then, you can tap into the awareness I am speaking of. Be strong – but not aggressive – not right now. Allow the energies to simply be what they are. This Eclipse raises the awareness of our connections and attachments to each other, and the planet, in a big way! Be very aware of how you allow the energy of love to be in your life or are you blocking it!

Let this huge wave of energy come in, but remain centered and grounded through spiritual practices. This energy will be with us through Mid-May. We must remain open and flexible.. Be cautious and observe your life, don’t react. If you’re having a rough time remember this is only for another few weeks. ~Ruby

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