Sun/Neptune Aspect

Sun/Neptune Trine

Sun/Neptune  – Thurs thru Wednesday

We feel inspired once again in this transit, If you can allow yourself to feel this energy, and listen to your intuition…you can rid of what blocks you, or is no longer working in your life.

Helping others can be especially rewarding, we’re extremely compassionate during this transit. Work on being kind to yourself first. Ask yourself, how your going to help others, if you don’t start by helping yourself first? Are you kind to… you?

Our dreams and our physical reality mesh well today. Just like yesterday’s energy, get spiritual or creative, it can really go well.

This energy gives us a chance to create something good. That doesn’t mean all these things I’ve mentioned will just happen to you. You have to reach out a take ahold of this energy, grab your opportunity and take action. You may ask how do I do that? The answer is simple, just listen to your heart, the space you love from. ~Ruby


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I am an energy reader with the gift of Clairvoyance and Psychic Abilities, I am also an Astrologist and Blogger.


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