Mercury in Taurus

Mercury moves into Taurus –  April 23rd until May 7th

The mental energy is shifting into more grounded Taurus, and has left fast-moving Aries. We still can be a bit dramatic, but more emotional.

For the next two weeks, our thinking will shift over to what’s realistic, we’re more down to earth in our conversations. We seem somewhat calm, as we speak the facts, there’s no sugar-coating words with Taurus energy!

We’re in touch with our senses, which helps us to feel our words, as our thoughts come more from the heart. Our way of thinking is more grounded, except perhaps in loving relationships, we can get mushy!

Our senses are extra sharp, we’re drawn to the beauty of our world, both inside and out. It’s easy to read ‘Souls’ in this energy. Using common sense will actually just come more naturally. Our ideas are very practical and useful at this time. When it comes to making decisions we are no-nonsense.

We can process information easier if we’re seeing it or doing it, we need proof! We’re hands on, so we learn best if we can see what we’re supposed to be doing first. We need to have solid answers. Just stick to step by step instructions.



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