Mars/Pluto Square – Grand Cross Part 2

Mars/Pluto Square

April 23rd/24th – Mars/Pluto Square – Grand Cross 2

This energy has been with us since last Monday and will remain through next week. Our drive and ambition are strong, we want to succeed, even if we’re not ready, because we sure feel like it! The energy that is needed to complete goals is there. It’s a compulsive energy to achieve something, but we find it difficult to stop!

I’ve been observing this Crosses energy, and for some it’s hit you hard, as it takes down structures like relationships, jobs, or partnerships. You thought you were safe, but change comes in swiftly. If you’re one of these people and it makes no sense to you, just please know there’s a reason, and it’s probably for the higher-good. One day you’ll understand, if you choose to process it.

For others its calm and content and can feel amazing. So I’m sure you’re wondering what all the hype is about! These are people in this world who have already experienced the Cross’s energy at the end of 2013. Do you remember that bumpy ride?

This isn’t all bad energy I just want to make that clear! It can be pushy, frustrating, and confusing because it’s challenging…it makes us step up and play the game of life in a very unique,creative, different way. But for some that’s exciting and fun, and they tend to do even better when presented with these challenges. So if you’ve already been involved in a situation you would consider to be life changing in the last just year, that was probably the ‘Grand Cross’s’ energy! The people who seem to be affected positively by this energy, are running with it and taking risks, their making some pretty amazing things happen.

This aspect of the Cross can lead to problems and issues around who’s in charge and who has the power. We want to be treated fairly by authority figures, we’re looking for cooperation and respect. In this energy the problem is we want all these things, but at any cost, and push will come to shove. If you find yourself in a shoving match you may not know when to stop, especially with fiery Mars and darker Pluto involved.

If you find yourself frustrated then take a deep breath and get away for a few minutes. Being flexible is the way to get through this energy. Connect to your higher-self and allow your spirit to feel your inner power. Get motivated and stay empowered, which will keep you in check. ~Ruby


That’s a good take on handling the energies at the mo. I’m finding getting out in nature, meditating, going for a swim is really helpful to release some of this current energy.


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