Mars Opposes Uranus – Grand Cross Part 1


April 23rd – Mars opposes Uranus – Tuesday thru April 1st – Grand Cross 1

This aspect is part of the “Grand Cross” I’ve been discussing.

Our behavior can appear off or strange to others. This doesn’t me it’s necessarily bad, just more odd. Our urge to be independent is very strong! We’re not hearing or paying attention to what our gut instincts or intuition is trying to tell us! This will take you off a path you’ve been on, for a little while anyway. The problem is our unusual behavior can stir up emotions in those around us. There can be sudden confrontations and conflicts.

You really should think about how to move forward, yes be brave and courageous, take some risks. But while doing your thing don’t forget those around you or disregard their feelings, or you could be on the receiving end of this energy. Don’t forget we need people to love or all these changes we’re making won’t do us one bit of good.

Go back and remember what you started in Spring of 2013, can you recall what you were going through at that time? That was the last time Mars aligned with Uranus, so whatever you began back then can be a reality now. Ask yourself what’s grown, since then? #rubysreadings

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