Mars squares Jupiter

Mars/Jupiter square off in a tense aspect



This aspect is one part of the “Grand Cross” energy I’ve been discussing. (Read my blog “Grand Cross”….. to learn more.)

This aspect can be challenging with unsettling Mars and expansive Jupiter involved. We must keep peace and harmony with any connections we have. This energy can stir our emotions up and put us on a quest, one that has us demanding to know the truth. But at what cost is the question? We’re looking for the truth in a very deep way, about who we are and our roles in this life. We want substance and Meaning! This can be a strong energy that affects our relationships and friendships both.

The trick is to find the answers you seek, the truth, the meaning…and do it in a peaceful, harmonious way! Not risking too much unless it’s unhealthy, and still maybe giving it a few days to think about, before making any major changes. Instead taking some time to sort out all these intense emotions were feeling. Then the Cross can actually be healing, it just depends on how you handle it!

We’re restless and need our freedom, and our independence. This energy demands that we take some space, but it can make you feel backed up in a corner. We suddenly feel inspired and want something more, something bigger and exciting, a new adventure. There’s never enough with this energy, the knowledge, the power, our partnerships aren’t enough. We don’t know when to stop, pushing our agenda! Take a break, and get out of your own box long enough to gain a broader perspective, gain clarity about your situation by giving it space.

This actually can be a very playful time, full of jokes and humor. Lots of smilies and laughter in the madness, sort of speak. We’re testing our limits to see how far we can go, but sometimes we can go too far! We can overdo just about anything and give up to much of ourselves. Don’t over extend yourself and make promises you later can’t keep. Because we are overly optimistic and feel like Superman or Woman, make sure and check your actual energy levels, or you can become drained.

Not knowing when to say ‘No’ or ‘Stop’ can cause problems. Remember, to balance your need to find the truth in all your emotional relationships, but to do it peacefully. Take Care of Yourself!! Most importantly, look at how you’re going to start taking care of yourself first!!

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