Uranus Squares Pluto is Exact


(This will be felt through the end of May!)




Uranus forms its fifth of seven exact Squares with Pluto today! Each of these squares have and will give us an opportunity to jump forward, on a personal and global level. We’re ready for change in our own lives, and we know its vital for our planet, and our children’s future. Uranus and Pluto are outer planets so they move very slowly through the cosmos, their influence is very strong. The first square was back in Spring of 2011, and the last one will be in 2015.

As these two planets move though this pattern, the energy rises and falls slowly, and as the square becomes exact its peaking at its highest point. At this point is when the energy gets extremely intense.

These squares represent our need to gain freedom and truth, its influence is about taking control or power without harm, and creating something better that helps the masses and all of humanity for the future.
Each time Uranus and Pluto get together, it squeezes us a little tighter! Especially, if you’re not taking responsibility for your part in this world, each of us have significance in this…. the change that is created by this aspect is progressive, so each of us have to step it up! It’s like climbing stairs, as we each take steps and make small changes we can make significant differences and reach to the top together.

We’re being pulled to create change on a personal and global level, don’t you feel it! The world is changing, we can sense it. We must be ourselves and keep operating from the space in our hearts and be in our truth to make this reality. It’s time we all led together, as we work to change the world. No more leaders running the show, but all of us as leaders together, taking equal responsibility. Follow your passion, as you learn to be in your own power, then empower and teach those around you. If you allow fear to rule you and refuse to let go of your old ways, beliefs, behaviors, or patterns you’ll feel the intensity of these squares even more, for some a lot more!

Remember, this particular Square is part of the “Grand Cross” pattern I’ve been discussing. That means aggressive Mars and expansive Jupiter are also involved. Keep your mind and your Heart open, feel what you’d like to create for yourself and this planet, yes feel not just think! Remember Karma, what you put out, is what comes back to you, be it good, bad, or indifferent!


Nice article, Ruby, let’s see what the squares bring.
When I go to the site, the text is very dark, and I can only read it when I highlight everything. Is there something wrong with my settings (surfing with Safari).


    And thank you.
    I’m sorry I’ve been working on it all day.
    I has some weird script in there that was turning all the font black, so I finally figured it out. Go back and refresh the page and it should be good to read now. Lol

    I’m hoping this square has already brought what it needs to in my world, need some down time now. 😉


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