Venus/Jupiter Aspect

“The Party has arrived”




The Moon has now entered the life of the party, Sagittarius…which is perfect for the weekend! We feel set free from all the murky, strange energy we’ve been in. Unfortunately that energy isn’t over yet, but this is a welcome break. We just feel lighter and set free, as the Moon shifts over to forward thinking Sagittarius.

Even better energy will enhance our Sadge Moon experience, when lovely Venus meets up with optimistic Jupiter, later today! Venus/Jupiter transits are strong and encourage us to act on our dreams and ideals. More importantly it’s easier to get what we want because what we do, say, and think comes from our hearts. That’s how you manifest the right way! We refuse to put up with any bullish behavior, we won’t tolerate insensitive people or rudeness.

This month has been a wild, bumpy ride indeed, we welcome this Venus/Jupiter energy with open arms…this aspect helps us to let our guard down, while becoming stronger. Our hearts are activated by this transit and we feel larger than life.

This atmosphere is more cooperative so our attitude shifts over to a more optimistic, hopeful place. We’re feeling rather social in this energy, and should take advantage of the amazing contacts and connections we can make. Some of us can become lazy as we decide to put our own needs before others, that’s not all together a bad thing. But this energy isn’t meant to be spent alone in. Because we’re more open and trusting, we can have a lot of fun with our friends and loved ones.

Integrity is an important, and loyalty is a must. Venus is also moving towards an aspect with Pluto Friday, this will only deepen our affections. Our lessons with all this Venus energy is to learn how to trust ourselves and others both! ~Ruby

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