Pluto Retrograde – Power


Pluto goes Retrograde – April 14th thru Sept 22nd 

Pluto is going to come to a halt today in Capricorn, starting it’s 5 month long retrograde phase. Pluto is the planet that shows not only how empowered you feel, but how much control you have over
your life. When Pluto turns retrograde in Capricorn, the sign of ambition. We should pay attention for power plays, power shifts, people ascending to powerful positions, and people falling from power.

Ask yourself; Where is your own place of power? What do you want to achieve?

Use this time to regroup and form a solid plan. With both Mars and Saturn currently retrograde, moving forward at the moment proves to be difficult. However, this is an excellent time to plan for the long-term. Pluto will remain retrograde until September 22nd. #rubysreadings 

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