Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Libra

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Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Libra
Tuesday Morning

“Huge Shifts”

There’s a very powerful, potent Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse in Libra coming together early Tuesday morning. In a total lunar eclipse the sun, earth and Moon line up and the Earth casts its shadow on the Moon. A total Lunar Eclipse is most commonly called a “Blood Moon” and is often seen with fear and superstition. In actuality, Eclipses bring about change, and this one has some major aspects meeting up with it… this just gives it more energy or kick if you will. Eclipses bring about changes that help us to mature and evolve, and that also raise our energetic vibration. That means we learn more about who we are on a deep soul level, and what our purpose is here on Earth!

For months now I’ve explained to my clients this energy was building, and that we needed to take it seriously. If you work with this energy, your rewards can be amazing… it’s a “Huge Shift!” The cosmos is pumping up the energies, as this Full Moon Eclipse is meeting up with several other strong transits. Our unconscious minds are being exposed, we’re being made completely aware of what we want in life, and the fears we have around letting go of what no longer works for us. All of this is meant to push us out of our comfort zone, so we will initiate a new beginning of some kind, one that is more aligned with our soul and it’s journey here.

If you’ve been paying attention to the energy out in the world, you obviously can see how so many are going through big changes now in one way or another. The Full Moon is in Libra, the sign that represents our relationships, partnerships, and marriages. This is where we should focus our attention, on, the relationships we have with ourselves, friends, and lovers. Also Libra is about balance, connections, and collaborations…so focus on balancing all of them if possible, unless you feel one relationship in particular is in your face right now, then that’s what you want to look at more closely and possibly do some healing around.

A Full Moon Eclipse brings about the energy of endings and new beginnings, in one way or another. Whatever has been needing to end in your life is probably rearing its ugly head by now, so it’s time to allow yourself to let it go! If you close your eyes and listen to your soul, you will know what this is about. Let your soul be your guide to the change you need… so that you can start on your New Beginning!

As this Eclipse builds we’re downloading information from our unconscious minds, and raising our vibrations up a notch. This energy can have us feeling anxious and stressed, you might feel like you’ve jumped off a cliff and are now just flying, and the uneasiness you’re feeling is that you don’t know where your going to land. Understand you’ll land somewhere better, if you believe and hold on to that belief or faith!

If you’re having a tough time.. remember just ask the Universe to assist you in letting go of what no longer works for you, or what’s blocking you from your dreams or goals. The Eclipses open a door to help you along your journey, you just simply must allow it to happen. Receive the amazing gifts this energy is offering. With the “Grand Cross”  also currently under way you can transform your life!

Here are some questions to ask. These should help you work on Setting some Intentions:

What am I in this life? What’s can I do to find a sense of purpose? What energy am I drawing in, what am I connecting to? How do I achieve balance in my relationships with others and myself? Am I building anything that supports my dreams? How much do I let fear run my life? ~Ruby


Bless you. I was referred to this by someone in The Bridge. So happy you took the time to write about this. Been feeling completely lost and distanced lately. Did not expect so much turmoil during this time tho.


    Hi Kathy, Oh yes it’s been rough, and this isn’t the only issue. I know, yes there’s more! But read here tomorrow, I will have another blog late morning all about the other Astrological Transits that are making us just feel so badly right now, sort of hyped and stressed out all at once. One of the lessons I have learned first hand about this energy is that we need to try really hard and stay focused, it’s not easy I know. Also if you’re feeling badly, remember to close your eyes and listen to your heart…it will really help lead you to a place of peace. Thanks for Reading. Hugs


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