Ruby’s Weekly Update – Expect the Unexpected

Ruby’s Weekly Update – Expect the Unexpected


This week is going to start off with some serious energy, as mental Mercury squares larger than life Jupiter and conjunct to Uranus, and squares shadowy Pluto, and all of this comes together April 14th! Be an observer and watch how you react emotionally, if you want peace then promote it. Pluto the planet that represents our personal power is going Retrograde as well today, this is just going to add to the intense energy we’re already feeling. You can feel like avoiding direct confrontations anyway, which might be a real good thing!

April 15th is a Lunar Eclipse in Libra, this also heightens our emotions, so get ready to release what no longer is serving you, be done already! April 16th, mental Mercury opposes fiery, action-packed Mars, and you’ll need to watch out for argumentative people. We’ll finally get some stability in this highly charged energy April 19th, when the Sun shifts into more practical, steady Taurus. But with Jupiter’s square to Uranus and opposition to darker Pluto on April 20th, don’t expect the energies out there to be totally calmed down just yet! To learn more about all of these transits and how to handle this energy please follow my Astro Blogs right here!~Ruby

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