The Eclipses are coming, April 15th and 29th!

 The Eclipses are coming, April 15th and 29th!

“The Eclipses”

You’ve probably felt this energy build, as we usually do about a week before and after the Eclipses.
This is in unfamiliar space and anything is possible, so we should expect the unexpected!

It’s best not to start any new adventures, jobs, relationships, or whatever during this cycle. Because the important information usually shows up during the Full Moon after the Lunar and Solar Eclipse, both. So that would be the best time to start anything new, after the Eclipses are all done and we’ve received all the information in mid-May!

Also remember that Eclipses cause much nervous energy, this can make us anxious and feel unsettled, the uncertainty is strong. But this is only a temporary side effect, we just have to download the information we’re receiving from the Eclipses and then we’ll feel better. So take time outs, and find ways to relax your nerves and breathe! We’re all in this together. Remember this is a time of great transformation, surely it can feel scary, but the benefits we are getting are worth it, so we hope! ~Ruby

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