Mars Opposes the Sun – Balance

Tuesday – Mars Opposes the Sun
Sunday through Thursday 


This aspect is all about creating balance, but between two very different places within ourselves.
First, our vitality is important with the Sun involved and with the Sun being in Aries. We might be working on a situation that demands we speak up for ourselves, stick up for ourselves!

Then there’s Mars which is currently in Libra. This placements influence has us thinking about how we can cooperate, and discuss our options first while thinking of our next move, all the while we continue to work for balance.

This opposition can make us feel very nervous and impulsive. This energy can cause us to have a quick, short fuse that allows our tempers to go off! It’s way to easy to experience frustration and get into some serious arguments. Unless you stay aware and choose differently.

Also considering that Mars is currently in its retrograde cycle, we’re already slowed down, we’re simply not moving as quickly as we’re used to. This energy has us go more inward, we’re going to feel it and process a lot of our feelings privately. We can certainly experience some serious passive-aggressive behavior this week.

To get the answers on how to achieve balance between the (the Self) Sun and Mars (our actions,) will more then likely come from a intuitive place, not your mind. Ya know that space of knowing, your gut instincts… follow that feeling and listen to it! If you try to take the time this week to get quiet and go within, you will get the answers you seek. Mediation is highly advised during this transit. Do you know how to strike a balance between these two energies, try and understand your very powerful, now Feel that! #rubysreadings

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