Mercury moves into Aries

 Mercury moves into Aries


Get ready, as we’ve been maybe a little more kind, gentle and compassionate with our words and how we express ourselves with Mercury in healing Pisces. This energy is shifting when Mercury the planet of expression and communication shifts into direct, upfront, to the point Aries! This transit starts today and runs through April 23rd! So for the next two and half weeks, our way of thinking is going to be speed up, because we’re ready to start something new! We can sound impulsive and impatient when we are speaking, but really we’re more focused and think we need to reach our goals as fast as possible. So we must talk, speak, communicate and get answers just as quickly! We’re brave and courageous in the way we speak, we aren’t going to allow blocks to stand in our way, because we’re ready and want what we want, and we are going to get it! 





We need to take some precautions with this lightening quick sign while it’s in Mercury, be careful not to just talk without thinking, don’t just blurt out what you’re thinking or be rude! Try to think before you speak, take a moment to think and choose your words carefully. Remember we’re all in this together, so we’re all feeling this Aries energy quite strong, so don’t take it personally if someone mouths off, even if you feel like you’re being ignored or if someone is being rude or insensitive, they might now even understand why their acting so badly! Stay focused on yourself and take responsibility for the way you’re talking and expressing yourself while Mercury is in Aries. #rubysreadings

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